Hi, I'm Martin

I’m a product designer currently focused on helping wholesalers grow their businesses with Faire. I've spent the last 8 years designing e-commerce tools that help businesses manage complexity and scale online. I enjoy taking photos and send out a bi-weekly-ish newsletter where I share my thoughts on design & technology.

A recent photo I'm proud of:

Past work

Paid Placement
Faire, 2023

A feature that enables brands to advertise their businesses on the Faire marketplace by boosting their visibility amongst organic results.

Product Taxonomy
Shopify, 2021/22

Introduced the "product category" attribute to Shopify products. Leveraged AI to automatically recommend and categorize products and introduced new patterns for reviewing and accepting recommendations.

Shopify Audiences
Shopify, 2021

A new product that allows merchants to leverage Shopify data to build audiences of potential buyers for acquisition on other platforms.

Hey Patterns
Personal, 2021/22

A gallery/blog where I share interesting designs and interactions in popular digital products.

Shopify, 2021

An updated version of the Shopify Lieview Dashboard that enables brands to track and monitor sales in real time.

Business Overview Dashboard
Shopify, 2020

A dashboard that brings together key business metrics and insights across multiple Shopify stores in a single view.

UX Details
Personal, 2020

A blog where I publish detailed teardowns of trending digital products.

Shopify Plus Navigation
Shopify, 2019

Interaction patterns and visual design for a navigation system that enables merchants to access tools across multiple online stores and switch seamlessly between global and store level tools.

Sales tax configuration
Shopify, 2019

A new easy way for merchants to set up and manage tax settings when selling in Canada.

Centralized commerce objects
Shopify, 2018

A set of tools that help merchants manage commerce objects such as product data across multiple stores using a centralized system.

Shopify, 2017

A feature that helps run some of the world's most popular product drops and restocks.

Shush my baby
Personal, 2015

A simple app that helps parents get their babies to sleep.

Results Driver
Achievers, 2014

A product that helps managers set up incentivized campaigns to motivate employees to achieve short-term business goals.