Garmin Descent MK2s

It’s been almost a year since I got my Garmin Descent MK2s. Smartwatches weren’t something I was drawn to, but with my Suuno Vyper showing it’s age I really liked the idea of having a single device I could use as a dive computer, track activities and health stats, and to tell time. I’ve worn the Descent almost daily, it’s very light, at 42mm the perfect size for my wrist, and the battery easily lasts a full week. I reserve my mechanical watch for special occasions. In the last year I’ve taken the Descent SCBUA diving, free diving, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, running, stand-up paddle boarding and more, it has never let me down.

descent on wrist

When I first got the Descent I remember being a bit intimidated by the buttons to control the device. No touch screens on dive computers, although Apple has an interesting solution to this problem with the Ultra. It took me a few minutes to get the hang of their functionality, but I like the precision of physical buttons over a touchscreen at this size. A few weeks ago we got my dad the Descent MK2s for his Birthday. I recalled my own intimidation with the controls and decided to demo the functionality with practical examples; like checking metrics, finding and tracking an activity, and a few others. The function of each button is engraved into the bezel which served as a helpful reference. Once you get the hang of the basic pattern you can navigate any part of the device without trouble.

descent on board

After around 250 days on my wrist, in different environments, activities, and scenarios the sapphire crystal doesn’t have a single scratch. The hydrophobic coating on the crystal sheds water almost magically, ensuring the display stays readable. Although I’ve dinged the Descent against a couple of walls and door frames the steel case has held up remarkably well, only showing a couple of knicks. It doesn’t catch on clothing, it doesn’t get in the way when typing on a laptop. The strap itself is showing slight signs of wear with the matte finish being polished smooth on areas where it makes contact with other surfaces.

water droplets
descent on wrist

I really do believe the Descent has impacted my lifestyle in a positive way. I’m more conscious of how much I exercise and have a better picture of my athletic ability. One year in, I ’m still discovering new ways to use this tool and still feel inspired to be active. I’m excited for my dad to experience a similar sense of inspiration and discovery.