Disney Plus

Disney Plus was a huge success in terms of sign-ups when it launched on Nov 12. In just 24 hours it amassed over 10 million subscribers, and over 3.2 million app downloads. Having now been a month since the launch, they’ve ironed out initial glitches and started adding features, like continue watching. Overall it feels simple and approachable. One area that still falls short is the navigation and way-finding experience. Inconsistency in patterns and some navigation oversight add friction to the experience, lowering quality, and would benefit from some additional consideration.

The top level navigation menu is clear and simple, and the hover animation that mirrors the motion in the animated logo adds a nice touch. Still, there are two areas that seem overlooked. First, the misalignment of the labels with the rest of the elements in the top bar is a quick win that would make the nav feel more polished.